Nissia Paramitha – Product Marketing Manager – PT. Skill Globalindo Sukses

“DTS community has been adding more values into my life. I go deeper things that I need to improve in myself and I get refreshed from tiresome. Must do when you are in your twenties.”

Rinardi Barlim – IT Application Specialist – PT. Maxpower Indonesia

“Setelah mengikuti camp DTS saya disadarkan makna dari sukses sejati yang Tuhan mau jauh melebihi memiliki harta benda. Disana juga saya diperlengkapi dengan pengetahuan praktis mengenai talenta, keuangan pribadi, juga semakin bersemangat karena dipertemukan dengan anak-anak muda dengan berbagai skill & keunikan yang sama-sama mau berdiri bagi bangsa ini.”

Jeffrey Soegeng – Founder – Trans Jaya Bus Pariwisata

“It is exciting to be part of DTS, a community of energetic young people committed to strive for success God’s way, in my business journey. The marketplace is fraught with challenges, thus it is important for us young people to have the right mind set and values to start with. First of all, it was a revelation for me that we don’t have to conform to the corrupt practices which may be prevalent in our society in order to survive. Even as a Christian, I had often been guilty of putting God on the spectator bench in the business arena. Through this community I learn to put God in His rightful place in my life, including my workplace. I have been blessed with many mentors and friends who set examples and strive together to do the right thing. While we are by no means perfect, we keep on striving and support each other in our journeys. Thank you DTS!”


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